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We share four kitchen shelving ideas that will help utilize the space you have while giving your kitchen an amazing updated look.

Open Kitchen Shelving

You might think of open shelving as a recent trend, but it actually originated over 100 years ago. 

One of the reasons that open shelving kitchen designs have become so popular is that they allow you to personalize your kitchen. Use your floating shelves to display some of your favorite dishes, mugs, cookbooks, salt and pepper shakers, and plants. You and your guests will never have to struggle to find a dish or utensil again. Plus, easy accessibility is always a bonus!

Adding open shelves also allows you to utilize the space that you have. Your kitchen may have an open spot next to an oven hood, doorway, cabinet, or refrigerator. You just need to custom order shelves that will fit into the spot.

However, open shelving kitchens aren’t for everyone. You may not want to have all your kitchen items out on display. Certain dishes might not match your kitchen décor. While others are chipped or stained. If this is the case, a good alternative is to mix closed shelves with open floating shelves.

A Single Open Shelf

Visually, there can be a lot going on in a kitchen, especially if you have multiple lighting fixtures, windows, and reflective surfaces amongst all sorts of kitchen knick knacks. Simplify your kitchen by utilizing a single long open shelf. 

The downside is that there’s only a finite amount of space on the one shelf. But this shelf design leaves you plenty of wall space to work with. You can easily hang pictures and home décor above the shelf and plants and pots below it.

A single Made to Order shelf can provide the exact length and bracket locations you need. This is the perfect space for displaying taller items.

Racks and Hooks

The open plate rack is a trend that died off after the 1980s, but it’s seen a resurgence in recent years. Using an open plate rack helps you save time unloading the dishwasher, and it’s a versatile object. You could position a plate rack:

  • Within a cabinet or hutch
  • On the wall in between appliances or shelves
  • On an open shelf
  • Standing on a counter
  • As an endcap on the side of a cabinet or kitchen island
  • In front of a window
  • In the dining room

If you’re looking to save space that bulky cabinets would take up, some well-placed hooks can be very handy. They can hold pots, pans, serving utensils, mugs, and more.

Mesh Cabinets

When you see the term “mesh cabinets,” you might think of an old country kitchen. But mesh can incorporate different patterns and materials, like brass, bronze, and stainless steel. The versatility of materials makes mesh cabinets a great choice for a range of kitchen aesthetics. 

Depending on how the mesh or wire is used, this trend allows you to see the dishes inside of cabinets, or at least a silhouette of them. 

If you have floor-to-ceiling cabinets in your kitchen, mesh allows you to break them up without having to spend the money to remove and replace them.

We hope these ideas help you as you find the best way to use your space. One consistent look that doesn’t trend in and out is the rustic look. It matches perfectly with many different kitchen décor styles, adding a gritty, earthy texture to a sleek finish.

If you want to add extra storage and rustic character to your kitchen, learn more about Urban Legacy’s handcrafted reclaimed wood shelves. They’re an excellent option for any style kitchen in need of additional open storage!

And if you prefer a contemporary shelf look, we also offer modern hardwood and colorway shelves.