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With so many different options, you don’t need to be an experienced artisan to find a DIY project that fits your skills, interests, and available materials. Here are 5 upcycled home décor ideas for you to explore.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is when you take used, unwanted objects that are no longer in use (and may have even been thrown out) and turn them into new, high-quality items.. By using end of life or discarded items to create upcycled home décor, you’re giving the items a second life.

Kitchen Islands From Upcycled Materials

If you’ve always wanted a kitchen island for extra counter space but don’t have the funds for a new kitchen island with granite top, you can make your own. With the right materials, you can take an empty area of your kitchen and turn it into a statement piece. Depending on the object you’re repurposing, you may even be able to create a moveable island.

All kinds of different objects can be transformed into an upcycled kitchen island:

  • A worktable or tool chest
  • A dresser or bookshelf
  • A door
  • A cart
  • A barrel
  • Pallets
  • Crates
  • Shutters

Upcycling Reclaimed Barn Wood For Unique Home Decor Pieces

Take it from us at Urban Legacy, reclaimed barn wood is an amazing material that can be repurposed into all sorts of unique home décor items.

You might use barn wood to create a range of upcycled items, including wall décor, shelves,  serving trays, and so much more. Just be sure you’ve properly  cleaned and prepped the reclaimed wood for indoor use.

Unique Tables and Chairs

Making chairs and tables from upcycled material can be as simple as finding an old chair on the curb, cleaning it up, painting it, and reupholstering a new cushion. But old tables and chairs can be transformed into other useful items. For example, turn three chairs into a bench by connecting the chairs and attaching a bench cushion.

On the other hand, various objects could be repurposed with a great upcycled table or chair idea. Cut a wooden or metal barrel and use it as the base of a chair or as a coffee table. 

Upcycling Wine Bottles

upcycled wine bottle ideas

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Depending on your beverage preferences, you may have a few empty wine bottles lying around the house. Sure, you could throw them into the recycling bin. Or, you might upcycle your wine bottles into candle holders, lighting fixtures, vases, planters, or wedding centerpieces. 

Another Use For Old Ladders

Depending how much you use it, a nice wooden ladder can easily last you for over a decade. Once it’s no longer suitable for climbing, you can still repurpose different parts of the ladder. 

You might transform your ladder into a clothing rack, a towel rack, a nightstand, shelving, or as a support for lighting or hanging planters.

We hope that these ideas help you get your creative juices going, allowing you to turn old household items into fresh upcycled home décor pieces. Or, if you don’t have enough time to create your own upcycled projects, you can shop with Urban Legacy. We have a terrific selection of reclaimed barn wood shelves that have been handcrafted right here in Pennsylvania.