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That area may be between your kitchen cabinets, above your TV, or next to your shower. If you have a dining room or living room with a high ceiling, there could be a lot of extra space for you to work with.

To help make the most of your space and offer some interior design inspiration, we share 7 ways to decorate your home with floating shelves.

Use Shelves To Create Storage Space

Kitchen Storage

There’s a limited amount of cabinet space in your kitchen, but there always seems to be a need for storing new glassware, serving dishes, or appliances. Instead of hiding a decorative plate or bowl away inside of a cabinet, place it on a shelf where people can see it.

Floating shelves make it easier to store kitchen items right where they’re most used. Store your favorite coffee mugs by the coffee pot or place your favorite spices adjacent to the oven. If you’re running out of wall space, set up a shelf in front of a window.

Bathroom Storage

Depending on the size of your bathroom, there may not be much space for storage (or really anything at all). Without losing any floor space, you can add in a few floating shelves, making it easier to store bathroom essentials, whether that’s towels, soap, or even a small mirror. 


Everyone has that over-cluttered surface in their house. It might be a table next to the front door, a nightstand, or a bathroom sink. Add a couple of floating shelves above that surface, organize the area, and make it much easier to find things when you need them.

Maybe there are too many trinkets and distractions on your home office desk. Use your shelving to create a sleek, well-organized office where you can get work done.

If you recently started working from home, you might need a makeshift office. Instead of buying an entire desk unit, set up a table with a few floating shelves above it. By placing the table in the corner of the room, you can take advantage of two walls by adding shelves to both for even more storage.

Create A Floating Display

Your home may not include a fireplace mantel. With low profile or floating shelves you can easily display your favorite pictures and pieces of décor above a fireplace or anywhere else.

Maybe you like to switch things up every so often. With a shelf, it’s easy to put up pictures and artwork, take them down, and replace them with different décor items.

Ready to add floating shelves to your home or office?

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Stacking Shelves Together

If a regular shelf won’t fit into the space you have, stack floating shelves to create the right storage shelving for you. And you can position the shelves as far apart from each other as you like. You don’t have to try to squeeze your belongings into a preconfigured shelf. 

Here are some ways you can create interesting spaces with floating shelves:

  • Media center by your TV
  • Bookshelves
  • Floating shelf nightstand
  • Open bar that’s very easy to use
  • Extra pantry storage
  • Statement wall

Clustering Floating Shelves

Floating shelves offer flexibility that a standard shelving unit cannot offer. You can arrange your floating shelves in any shape or pattern you like. You might try a cube or hexagon shape. Or, you could stagger the shelves and balance them out, placing similarly sized objects on them.

If you plan on placing a large picture frame or a plant on one end of your shelf, you’re free to give yourself extra room.

Stacking all your shelves in one spot might lead you to overcrowding the space. Open things up and place your shelves all around a room to draw attention to different areas.

Using Recessed Shelves

A small alcove in your living room or kitchen can easily be transformed from a boring blank space into functional or decorative storage.

Get out the tape measure and put in shelves that are flush with the wall. This gives you a fun nook to store or display items with a clean look. Check out our custom shelf options if there’s a specific size of shelf that you need.

Adding More Color to a Room

Your home décor might use mostly neutral tones. Or maybe there’s a spot in your hallway that seems a bit drab. Use a shelf to add a pop of color and punch up the contrast. A painted accent shelf will help draw attention to your favorite piece of wall art or home décor. 

Additionally, you can create a splash of color by color-coding your shelving. Take all the blue items in a room and arrange them on a shelf together.

On the other hand, if you have a room with very busy wallpaper, tone things back by adding a shelf with monochromatic objects.

Decorating Your Home with Floating Shelves from Urban Legacy

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