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When used correctly, these shelves create a clean, minimalist look. Sometimes finding the perfect modern look is difficult, depending on the existing decor and colors in your home. This article explains how to use white shelves in different rooms to create a complementary design that matches the style you want! 

White Kitchen Floating Shelves

Although using floating shelves in the kitchen isn’t a new idea, consider the benefits of bringing white floating shelves into the space.

Floating shelves open up kitchens but allow for the same amount of storage that cabinets offer. Plus, white floating shelves coordinate nicely with natural materials (such as tile) to create texture.

There are colors that can typically be found in kitchens: silver appliances, wooden cabinets, and brown and tan countertops. Modern white shelves will break up some of these colors and give the kitchen a stylish look without breaking the bank!

When coupled with white walls and lightly colored appliances, white floating shelves brighten up the kitchen — especially when natural lighting is limited. 

Home Office Shelves

Working from home is more popular now than ever. However, one  problem we face when creating a home office in our living space is the clutter that comes with it.

Shelves will significantly reduce the number of items on your desk while keeping your most-used tools within arm’s reach. Both floating and corner shelves will keep your home office neat and productive while maintaining a modern feel.

Check out our custom shelves! We can create a piece to your exact specifications, including corner shelves. 

Living Room Shelf Ideas

Living room decor is essential for tying the room together. Whether you’re using a single shelf to draw attention to a statement piece or filling up multiple shelves with all your favorite items, you can decorate with white shelves. Use them to mix and match color palettes in your decor without taking away from the objects.

For a room with high walls, shelving will help fill up space that would otherwise be empty and bare.

White Bedroom Shelves

Having designated places in your bedroom to hold your most important items is essential. Use white floating shelves to create a nook in the corner of the room or in the area above your bed that complements a modern or minimalist aesthetic.

Hang shelves inside your closet to declutter the floor and allow your favorite clothing and accessories to be more easily attainable. In all these scenarios, white shelves match any closet interior while simultaneously brightening the space.

Bathroom Shelves

When used correctly, dark colors look striking and beautiful in many different rooms of a home. The bathroom is a great example of this. Pair white wall shelves with white cabinets or sinks to create a balanced contrast with dark shades within the room, creating a really lovely space.

Whether you’re looking for the sleek look of our Colorway shelves or the more natural look of white wash reclaimed shelves, we offer options to fit your needs!

Hopefully these ideas struck some inspiration for brightening up your home, whether it’s in the living room or your home office. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!