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If you’ve had trouble keeping an orchid, azalea, or miniature rose alive, you may want to try your hand at a succulent. These plants tend to be resilient and low maintenance, so you don’t necessarily need the greenest thumb to take care of them. 

Setting up your succulents inside makes it easier to control their conditions. But where exactly are the best spots to place succulents indoors?

Considerations for Your Succulent Placement

When placing a plant in your home, there are a few things you should consider first: 

  • Plant size
  • Plant pot size
  • Temperature
  • Watering schedule
  • Fertilization
  • Soil
  • Spread
  • Pet-friendliness (if you have pets)
  • Lighting

Some succulents do well in low light while others need plenty of sunlight to thrive. If your only free space is in a dark back corner of a room, you should opt for a low-light succulent, like a snake plant, aloe vera, or jade plant. Otherwise, most succulents like to get six hours of indirect, bright sunlight each day.

If you can find a spot near a south or east-facing window, that would be perfect! An alternative to using natural light is purchasing grow lights, which can also be helpful during the bleak winter months.

Indoor Places for Succulents

On a Desk or Table

As long as you’re careful when you’re watering, you can easily keep some succulents on the corner of your office desk. If you have a table next to a window in your living room, that’s also a great place for succulents indoors. The plants will brighten up the space and help bring in some fresh air, making oxygen out of the carbon dioxide you breathe out.

In a Hanging Planter

This option helps you save floor space, and hanging pots are versatile. They’ll look nice in the kitchen or in the living room. You just need a spot with enough light and a succulent that will do well in a hanging planter. These plants include:

  • String of pearls
  • String of bananas
  • Climbing aloes
  • Burro’s tail
  • Trailing jade

On a Succulent Shelf

Placing a small plant unnoticeably on a window ledge is an option. If you’re looking for more of a statement piece, turn to Urban Legacy for a one-of-a-kind succulent shelf made from reclaimed wood. This rustic piece is handcrafted in Lancaster, PA, and will complement your home décor beautifully.

If you have any other questions about our products, please feel free to get in touch with us at Urban Legacy.

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