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Who We Are

Urban Legacy has its roots in Lancaster County, PA, where we are surrounded by farmland and rich traditions. Everywhere you turn on the back country roads, there are artisans lovingly using time honored traditions to create beautiful and unique things. We have partnered with a handful of these artisans to bring you our curated line of products for your home.

Barns are a part of our everyday life here in Lancaster County. It brings us great delight to see the reclaimed wood from these barns find new life in our wood planks for accent walls or bar fronts, our floating or bracketed shelves or our intricately hand made serving trays!

As we’ve grown as a company, we have also grown our product line and are thrilled to offer a line of modern hardwood shelves. We offer these shelves in many different hardwoods, each with its own unique coloration and character. If a more modern look is your vibe, we think you’ll love our hardwood shelf line!

We don’t always know the exact story of a specific piece of wood. Maybe it was a chicken barn rafter or a dairy barn floor. Maybe it was a Walnut tree that grew alongside beautiful farmland. What we know for sure is that each piece of wood has a story, and that story continues with you.

We are a small, but growing, team and we work each day to honor the traditions of our artisans, the trust of our customers and the authenticity of our products. Thank you for letting us be a part of creating beauty in your space!