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Reclaimed Barn Wood Chunky Wide Plank Shelves | Low Profile Brackets




We love to share Lancaster County’s history and rustic charm with our customers, so we’ve partnered with local Amish craftsmen to create a line of shelves made from genuine reclaimed barn wood. This line of shelves uses quality reclaimed floor joists and comes with heavy-duty handmade raw metal brackets.

As you’d expect from reclaimed barn wood, each of our Chunky Wide Plank shelves is steeped in history. Every nail hole, saw cut, and distress mark comes together to tell the wood’s story. These genuine imperfections give the shelves character that you just can’t find in shelves made from cheap store-bought wood. Since each shelf is handmade from decades-old barn wood, there are slight variations in coloring and thickness which make each piece truly unique! Tool marks, nails, nail holes, dowel holes, saw cuts, and decades of weathering ingrain a unique, rich history into every shelf.

Each set of shelves comes with handcrafted raw metal brackets and all of the necessary mounting hardware. Included are set screws used in the bottom of the shelf to eliminate any movement. Because of their weight, the brackets must be mounted into wall studs.

These shelves are sold in sets of (2)

Choose your size:

  • 24″ long x 11″ deep x 2.5″ thick
  • 36″ long x 11″ deep x 2.5″ thick
  • 48″ long x 11″ deep x 2.5″ thick

All shelves are routed to hit standard stud locations that are 16″ apart on center.
If your studs are not 16″ apart, or if you need another length that is not listed, check out our Made to Order listing!

Choose your color:

  • Natural (no stain or finish)
  • Rustic Brown
  • Rustic Gray

Please Note: Shelf brackets MUST be mounted into wall studs.
Do not over tighten bolts or their head will snap. Stop tightening when the bolt head sits flush against the bracket.

Item(s) ship in 3-5 days

Do you need corner or alcove shelves? Contact us with your needs!

Additional information


Set of (2)


24" , 36" , 48"






Natural (no stain or finish) , Rustic Brown , Rustic Gray

Bracket Type

Low profile brackets