Engraved QR Code Rectangle Menus | Set of 10


Engraved QR code menus will take your guest experience to the next level and save you time and money in the process.

  1. One time cost - Change your menu as often as you’d like. No new menus to purchase. Just update your menu online and you’re good to go!

  2. Always accurate - Have a rotating beer list or list of specials that tend to sell out? Update them on your online menu and they will update in real time for your customers and servers. No more crossing things out on menus or running to the kitchen or bar to see if something is still available.

  3. Save time and money - Many restaurants switched to one time use menus to meet COVID-19 safety standards. Paper and ink costs add up fast and take time to prepare and print. You can take that off your to do list!

  4. More pleasant customer experience - So much has changed over the past few months, and going out to eat looks very different than it used to. Show your guests that you have things under control with the beauty and permanency of Engraved QR Code Menus. Paper menus get wet, blow away and take up lots of space, making it annoying for customers who are choosing outside seating. Laminated QR codes often don’t fit the aesthetic of the space. Problems that are easily solved with permanent QR Code Menus. 

  5. Safe and clean - All Engraved QR Code Menus are sealed on all sides with a finish that will hold up to cleaning with alcohol based cleaners. Simply wipe both sides of the menu when you are bussing the table and it’s good to go for the next guests.

Size Chart:
Square - 4" x 4"
Circle - 5.25" Diameter
Rectangle - 2.5" x 6.5"


The possibilities are endless! If our standard shapes and sizes don't fit your needs, or you want to take it up a notch - check our CUSTOM LISTING HERE. Want your menus cut in the shape of your logo? We can do that. Want to add color? No problem! Have more than one menu or separate food and drink menus? We can engrave on both sides. We can accommodate almost any customization.

Our turn around time depends on our work load, but is typically less than 2 weeks. Expedited options available. 

** We offer local pick up if you are in or around the Lancaster, PA area! **

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