Reclaimed Barn Wood Floating Accent Shelves


A love of quality design and historic wood led us to partner with local Amish woodworkers to create a line of reclaimed barn wood shelves. Our handcrafted floating wood accent shelves are made from genuine reclaimed barn wood.

As these shelves are made from reclaimed barn rafters, they carry with them all of the rich history and character you’d expect from decades-old authentic barn wood. Each shelf is unique - saw cuts, nail holes, and weathering help to tell the wood's story.

Each set of floating shelves ranges in thickness from 1 5/8" to 2" and comes with everything you need to mount to your wall. You'll find two 1/8" notches on the back of the shelf for the support brackets. This allows the shelves to sit flush against your wall for a true floating appearance. 

Weight capacities of each shelf:

18” 7-10 lbs
24” 10-12 lbs
30” 12-15 lbs
36” 15-18 lbs
40” 18-20 lbs
48” 20-23 lbs

Add The Perfect Look To Your Home: 

Choose your size:

  • 18", 24", 30", 36", 40" or 48" long
  • 4.5" or 7" deep

Choose your finish:

  • Natural (no stain)
  • White Washed
  • Coffee Bean

 We offer Accent shelves with Full Brackets as well!

Important note: Our "natural" shelves have no added stain at all, which means when the shelf is cut to length the raw cut ends will be exposed. See examples in photos.

Item(s) ship in 3-5 days.

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