Reclaimed Barn Wood Wide Plank Shelves


Bring home the beauty and history of rural Lancaster County, PA with Urban Legacy’s wide barn wood shelves. Each set of shelves is handcrafted by our partner Amish artisans and is made from authentic barn wood planks.

Every shelf tells a story on your wall: the nail holes, saw cuts, and weathering create a unique piece that you can’t buy in a hardware store.

Thick, sturdy, and mounted using the included handmade raw metal brackets, these shelves are both beautiful and functional. Ideal for any room in your home, our wide plank barn wood shelves measure 36" long x 9" deep and almost 2” thick. 

Each shelf comes with everything that you need to mount it to your wall. 

Add A Unique Look To Your Home:

Choose your finish:

  • Natural (no stain)
  • White Washed 

**Please Note**  Shelf brackets MUST be mounted into wall studs.
Do not over tighten bolts of the head will snap. Stop tightening when the bolt head sits flush against the bracket.

Important note: Our "natural" shelves have no added stain at all, which means when the shelf is cut to length, the raw cut ends will be exposed. See examples in photos.

Item(s) ship in 3-5 days.

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