Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Art | Succulent Shelf


This stunning and functional piece of reclaimed wood wall art is sure to start a conversation. Made from genuine reclaimed barn wood and handcrafted by our Amish artisan partners, this succulent shelf makes an excellent accent piece for any room in your home.

Crafted from wood pieces of various lengths and thicknesses, our succulent shelves are both eye-catching and unique; no two are the same. We take pride in quality craftsmanship, so you can also rest assured knowing each handmade piece is heavy duty. Shelves are attached by 3" screws from the back and each comes with sawtooth hangers.

Color, shade, texture, thickness and length of wood pieces used will vary. Not one of these pieces is the same as the next.

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  • 18" x 24"
  • 24" x 36"

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