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One way to give the same old area a brand-new feel is adding reclaimed shelves for a cozy, finished look! Here are five ways to style reclaimed shelves and make any room feel refreshed.

Open Kitchen Shelving

Kitchens don’t always give us all the space we need. Sometimes we must deal with a lack of counter space, a storage shortage, or generally small rooms. Adding shelves to the walls of any kitchen helps add storage and create an open look. Plus, you can decorate with everyday essentials, like pots, pans, spices, utensils, or dishes.

Corner and alcove shelves are great for kitchens too! Adding a reclaimed barn wood shelf to an alcove above your stove makes items (like spices and cooking utensils) accessible and easy to reach. Looking for your perfect fit? Check out our custom shelf section. 

Bar Shelf or Coffee Station 

Warmer weather calls for fresh new flavors of drinks, whether it’s a summer cocktail or a delicious new coffee recipe. Reclaimed shelves allow you to set up the ideal bar area or coffee station!

Wide shelf idea

Fill the shelves with everything you need: bottles, glasses, or mixology sets for a relaxing summer evening. Mugs, syrups, and your favorite coffee pot make it simple to enjoy the perfect brew on any morning.

Wide plank deep shelves give plenty of space for anything you might need to make your perfect beverage! Plus, our Made to Order shelf options allow you to order two shelves in different sizes for a fully custom look.

Plants and Propagation

New seasons bring new life! Plants are a lovely way to brighten any room in the home, and reclaimed plant shelves are a unique way to hold all different types of greenery. Keep up with the trends surrounding houseplants and create a propagation station! Plant propagation helps save money, and it looks beautiful too. 

Or, add fresh herbs to kitchen shelves to spice up everyday recipes! Reclaimed wood shelves add to the atmosphere that houseplants bring to any room. 

If you’re looking for a set of reclaimed shelves for single plants, be sure to check out our Small Floating Shelves. They are the perfect addition to any space no matter how big.

Laundry Room Shelving

We all know that laundry is never-ending, and laundry spaces can fill up quickly. Saving space is so important in a room with this much action! Adding open laundry shelving above, around, or beside the washer and dryer units can help save space and make a full space look put together!

Transferring essentials (like detergent, fabric softener, and bleach) to matching glass containers on the shelves will create the perfect laundry room vibe. You can also add storage for dryer sheets or a cute basket for all those pesky lost socks!

Laundry room shelving idea

Check out our Reclaimed Barn Wood Chunky Shelves that can be ordered in a set of one 24 inch shelf and one 40 inch shelf. The full style brackets that come with these shelves add a sturdy and unique look to recreate any laundry room space!

Reclaimed Wood Bookshelf 

Stay-cations can feel like vacations with a refreshed room and the perfect book! Book storage can feel overwhelming as you try to fit your entire home library on a typical bookshelf. Made to Order shelves give you 75 inches of space to mix and match your favorite reads! Adding décor (like unique bookends, journals, or photos) creates a customized look in whichever room the shelves are installed in.

The weight of books can really add up, so having a sturdy shelf is important to make sure your belongings stay safe! Our Chunky Barn Wood Shelves come with full brackets, which give them extra support (up to 50lbs per bracket!), making them the perfect addition to your own personal library.

Reclaimed wood bookshelf idea

We hope that these 5 reclaimed wood shelf ideas help you freshen up and declutter your space. Whether you need extra storage space for your kitchen, laundry room, book nook, or bar area, we have just the right reclaimed barn wood shelves for your needs.