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In this blog post we share 6 wall art ideas to help make your living room feel like an expression of your own style!

Accent Wall

If you want an eye-catching addition to your living room, try creating an accent wall by hanging a single, large piece above your couch or fireplace. Even with a large piece of art, you’re still able to control how much attention is brought to it by choosing the right medium:

  • Oil and acrylic paintings can be bold and bright
  • Watercolor paintings bring a calmer and softer feel
  • Large photographs add a touch of personalization and make your wall art for the living room truly reflect you 


A triptych (or three pieces of art intended to be shown together) may feel more like your style. If you have a larger space to fill, this may work better than a single piece of art. Also, with three different pieces in one, it can be the center of attention and stand alone. This would work well if you have a triptych you really enjoy and feel would tie the room together.

Wooden Wall Art 

Using reclaimed wood can add a natural feel to your living space. Whether that be wall art made from reclaimed barn wood or decades-old wall planks from barns, there is nothing quite like wall art pieces made from wood. Our reclaimed barn wood wall art at Urban Legacy is handmade by our Amish partners with wood directly from old barns.

Wooden wall art for the living room

Gallery Wall

If you can’t decide what types of artwork to add to your walls, consider a gallery wall. This allows you to mix and match different art styles, including photographs, portraits, abstracts, or landscapes all in one space. 

You can even use matching frames that fit the feel of the room or use different frames for an eclectic self-expression.


Mirrors are great decor pieces as they come in all shapes and sizes! This means that they are able to be used in any living room space, large or small. Their reflective surfaces can also make a space seem larger than it actually is

Plus, mirrors used as wall art are also an eco-friendly way to add extra light to a room because it does not take any extra electricity. 

Wall Decals

Wall decals are a tried and true way to decorate any space. They can be used alone or alongside other wall art ideas for the living room. A tip for using wall decals is that the higher-quality they are, the easier they are to remove from your walls. This makes them renter friendly, and you can change or rearrange the decor whenever you feel like it!

How To Display Your Living Room Wall Art

There are many options for displaying art in your living space. It can hang flat on the wall for a classic, minimalist look. Or, you can change it up by adding wooden accent shelves for some extra dimension, creating a cozier environment. 

Consider different types of shelves to bring a different feel to any living room. Oak or maple modern hardwood shelves can be used for a more modern look, and reclaimed shelves can be used for a more rustic feel. And when art can’t be secured directly to the wall, sturdy wooden shelves can come in handy!

Extra Design Choices to Consider 

Wall art for the living room can accomplish different things, depending on your goal. Some pieces are made to catch your attention as you walk into a room, and others have a more subtle feel.

Select the Right Sized Art

Filling a blank wall is exciting! But it’s important to take into account the size of the wall, the available space, and the art you would like to hang.

Adding too many pieces or adding art that’s too large can lead to an overcrowded wall, making the space feel small. Choosing proportional wall art for your living room can maximize the available wall space without overcrowding it. 

If you want one large statement piece, consider some smaller, subtle pieces near or around it to fill in the space. This way, the main art piece is not overshadowed. 

Consider The Look and Feel of The Room

The wall art you choose can help emphasize the look and feel of the room and your home. It may be helpful to ask yourself how you want to feel, or how you want your guests to feel while spending time in the space. 

Incorporate Existing Furniture

Considering the existing furniture, art, and decor will help you decide what wall art to add and how you’d like it to look. Do you want to keep the current look and feel, or would you like to change it by introducing wall art to the space you have available? All pieces within the room should work together to create your ideal space!

Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Wall Art For Your Home

Don’t let a large blank wall make you feel intimidated. You don’t need to be a professional interior decorator to find just the right wall art for your living room. Art is a great, fun opportunity for you to express yourself and personalize your space!

If you need shelves for your living room or reclaimed wood art for your walls, reach out to Urban Legacy. We have handcrafted shelves that are strong and sturdy enough to hold your favorite art pieces.